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1. Oud Royal (Mukhallat Oud -temporary replacement)
2. Purple Oud
3. Oud Tabac
4. Tiger Oud
5. Velvert Desert Oud
6. Gucci Oud Intense
7. Black Oud
8. Oud Wood
9. Oud Satin Mood
10. Oud Devine

1. Oud Royal (Mukhallat Oud-temporary replacement)
A beautiful composition. This one is a very high grade Oud by Al Qasr with a subtle kick to it. It is ranked as one of the best quality Ouds from Al Qasr’s range and if applied in the evening, will usually last until the next day depending on skin. Woody, leather marble Gold are the best words to describe this perfume. What differentiates this Royal Oud from the rest is, you get the sense that they have applied some pure white Oud on a glass stick and stroked it across the oil which gives it a special added unique effect. The few people that sampled this art, were absolutely blown away by the longevity and the aura it creates. For this reason, we have included this in the Niche line and also giving as a treat to customers in the Oud line as a treat to experience what a fine Oud should smell like.

2. Oud Tabac

A rich textured Oud with very high grade ingredients used. The ingredients used in this is the best grade from our entire Oud collection. The rich deep caramelised chocolate Oud takes you into a journey as though you are walking through the Angkor Watt temple of Cambodia.

3. Purple

One of the best Ouds from the house of Dior which has a very unique smell. This fragrance really grows on you over time.

4. Tiger Oud
Tiger Oud has been one of our best selling perfumes and is always used to promote the AL Qasr line at exhibitions. It is a beautiful Oud which is wrapped with florals. This scent is heavenly and one that creates an aura when applied and creates instant love. One of the best in the Al Qasr line.

5. Velvet Desert Oud
Velvet Desert Oud is a velvety creamy textured Oud. The fragrance seduces with classic Middle eastern incense notes topping a heart of mysterious Oud and the sweetness and depth of Amber. The lingering softy musky base notes leave a final memory of sweet seduction.

6. Gucci Oud Intense
An upgrade to the previous Gucci Oud. The perfume has the perfect balance between east and west. Th Oud is noticeable without being too overwhelming to ear in an office.

7. Black Oud
Black Oud has been one of Al Qasr’s best-selling Ouds at exhibitions. A woody Floral Musk fragrance. The fragrance Rose, french labdinum, musk, Patchouli, mandarin Orange and Oud.

8. Oud Wood
Oud Woody by Al Qasr is extremely popular and a beautifully blended Oud perfume. The fragracnce comes with exotic Rose, Cardamon, Sandalwood and Vetiver. Tonka bean and Amber add warm sesuality.

9. Oud Satin Mood

Oud Satin Mood does not need no explanation. The name itself describes the perfume. An Oud with a silk and satin touch to it.

10. Oud Devine 
Oud Devine is a gorgeous subtle Oud with a musky back drop. The name itself describes this Oud very well as the fragrance is Devine

10 x 3ml oil perfumes with a stainless steel roller

If an item is out of stock, we will replace it with an alternative Oud which will still be of a high standard.

4 reviews for Oud

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nurul Haque

    This is quite an amazing product

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    My husband loved your Ouds and loves the fact he gets 10 in a set. Will be purchasing the for her set next. Thank you Al Qasar.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Farooq ahmed


  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Al Qasr Oud set is amazing!! My first impressions of the set I was very impressed. The 10 gold oud bottles comes in a very sleek black box and it really does stand out. I was also impressed of the oud bottles. Very classy looking all gold bottles and not your standard clear ones, the full gold makes it look luxurious. Now to the oud itself you receive 10 different types of oud and they all smell absolutely lovely. I recommend this gift set for anyone who’s a oud lover it will make the perfect gift.

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