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1. Silver Mountain Platinum
2. Oud Royal
3. Oud Cashmere Mood
4. Tabac Vanille Raw
5. Baccarae Rouge
6. Golden Musk
7. Tiger Oud Gold
8. Silk Oud
9. Interludio
10.Lotus Flower

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Niche Collection

1. Silver Mountain Platinum Grade
Silver Mountain has been one of the best selling oils at Al Qasr. It is an extremely similar but far more refined grade of the Silver Mountain water. What Al Qasr has done is used raw ingredients to create this masterpiece which will leave a trail wherever you go and a champion on receiving compliments. It lasts all day and if applied on clothes, will last for over a week.

2. Oud Royal
A beautiful composition. This one is a very high grade Oud by Al Qasr with a subtle kick to it. It is ranked as one of the best quality Ouds from Al Qasr’s range and if applied in the evening, will usually last until the next day depending on skin. Woody, leather marble Gold are the best words to describe this perfume. What differentiates this Royal Oud from the rest is, you get the sense that they have applied some pure white Oud on a glass stick and stroked it across the oil which gives it a special added unique effect. The few people that sampled this art, were absolutely blown away by the longevity and the aura it creates. For this reason, we have included this in the Niche line and also giving as a treat to customers in the Oud line as a treat to experience what a fine Oud should smell like.

3. Oud Cashmere Mood
This is a beautiful Oud which is wrapped with the most amazing florals blended to perfection. This product is from our Niche line but have included it in this set as a treat for our customers.

4. Vintage Cuban
We have given this Niche fragrance the title Vintage Cuban. Real Cigar and Tobacco with a touch of Vanilla is used to create this composition which is noticeable in the fragrance. This products defines what a Niche fragrance should be. Raw in its composition.

5. Baccarae Rouge
This is the crown jewel of the Al Qasr line. A luxury cotton candy sweet and extremely textured oil. This is the Picasso of sweet luxury fragrances and you can actually see the sugar cane looking raw ingredient used in this blend at the bottom of the decanter. Something to wear to a classy dinner party, cream suites or black tie event. This is as good as it gets.

6. Golden Musk
Al Qasr’s Golden Musk is one of the best Golden Musk you will come across. A lot of our customers have put this fragrance as their most favourite from our line. This is a beautiful sweet musky oil. It feels like the sun rays are beaming off your skin creating a Golden Musky effect.

7. Tiger Oud Gold
Tiger Oud by Al Qasr has been one of our best-selling fragrance at exhibitions and events. A unisex perfume and one that we use to attract customers to our stand when we hold exhibitions. A beautiful composition of Oud and Florals which ignites the senses the second you smell this fragrance. The Niche line has our highest grade of Tiger Oud which is only available in the Niche Line. We found this gem in Egypt and have requested a higher grade of it to be created for our Niche line. The result of this, is the Tiger Oud Gold.

8. Silk Oud
This is definitely one of the power houses of our Niche Line. It is Silky sweet and subtle Musk with a little dab of Oud. A beautifully scent which will be pleasing to all different senses. Extremely high grade in its ingredients and composition.

9. Interludio
This is a slightly dark and layered fragrance which is totally different to the others. Similar to the Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford but extremely unique in its creation and the ingredients used is of mush superior quality. Slightly Oudy and Ambery and seems like all the ingredients have been pulled back and held down so there is no sharp explosion to it. A layered subtle and dry composition.

10. Lotus Flower
This is our winter version of the Lotus Flower. It is a 100% natural essential oil and no chemicals added. It is in its pure form. A fresh green fragrance and extremely rare to acquire in the UK market. We travelled to many stores in Cairo, Egypt and selected 12 different versions of this and decided this version was the winner and added it to the Niche Line. This does not last as long as the others, around 4 hours but definitely one to try at least once in your life time.

Note: If a certain item is out of stock, we may change it with an alternative item to meet customer demand. Any questions please contact us before ordering.

10 x 3ml oil perfumes with a stainless steel roller

1 review for Niche

  1. Mike

    Received this set as a gift. I have to say the perfumes are beautiful. Creed Gold and the Baccarat Rouge were absolute winners. The Oud Royal is also in a league of its own. Vintage Cuban was too strong for me but can tell it is high end stuff. Will definitely be back.

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