Muhammed Ayub & Yaqub Sample Set


Muhammed Ayub & Yaqub Sample set. One of the oldest perfume companies in India who have been established since 1896 and are world renowned for making some of the best natural perfumes. You will receive different samples which are around 0.25 to 0.3ml each.

Muhammed Ayub & Yaqub Sample set.

  1. Ruh Khus No 1
  2. Deer Musk M40 (Sandalwood carrier oil
  3. Zaffran Special
  4. Cambodian Oud
  5. Mohsin Shamama
  6. Frozen Rose
  7. Mukhallat Seufi
  8. Mukhallat Maliki
  9. Mukhallat Arfa
  10. Mukhallat Rayyan
  11. Patchouli
  12. Shahi Darbar
  13. Nakh Sandalia
  14. Majmua
  15. Red Saffron


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